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September 22, 2016| by: Jessie E. Elacan


            “It is unacceptable that to this date the Schools Division of Zamboanga del Norte has not taken serious initiative to take care of its teachers and employees following the increased diagnoses and deaths caused by cancer, among others, during the past five years,” Schools Division Superintendent Natividad P. Bayubay said in a staff briefing in preparation for the World Teachers’ Day celebration on October 5, 2016. 

             The Walk For A Cause is a platform that will best launch a new milestone that will not only promote health programs and advocacies but most importantly, provide financial assistance to defray medical requirements necessary in the fight to kill and/or oppress the widespread of cancer cells inside the victim’s body. The first year of the program implementation will concert all efforts and resources to teachers suffering from and/or living with cancer, giving them hope and inspiration anew.  Financial assistance will be accorded to each cancer-teacher/patient so they are able undergo necessary medical treatment. 

             The Walk is a festive event where marchers will demonstrate their resolve to fight against cancer and expand awareness and consciousness of the same among the people.  Cancer has not only consumed hundreds of teachers in the lone province of Zamboanga del Norte but more so, it put an end to their children’s inspiring would be. 

             The Walk will be held at Dipolog main city streets to encourage other professionals, local government leaders and business sectors to join in and ‘walk with us.’  It will kick-off at the Open Grounds of the Dipolog City Boulevard at 530A.M. and culminate with a program at the Zamboanga del Norte Cultural and Sports Center, Estaka, Dipolog City on October 5, 2016.    

             The Walk is a symbolic demonstration of unity and solidarity of at least 9,000 teaching and non-teaching personnel of DepED Zamboanga del Norte in its answer and response to the overwhelming cases and deaths brought about by CANCER, a once-rare-but-turned-common epidemic in Zamboanga del Norte today. 

             At least P90, 000.00 generated from the P10.00 voluntary donation of each of the 9,000 employees will supplement the solicitations caused and initiated for this program.  “As part of my commitment, I have personally asked the officials of the municipal, city and provincial local government to support us in this endeavor.  To date, all 25 local chief executives have already expressed their commitments and pledges which shall all go in a trust fund, specifically put up for this purpose,” Schools Division Superintendent Bayubay concluded. 

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