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Date Released Title File
Apr 11, 2024
DM No. 217 s. 2024 Corrigenddum to Division Memorandum No. 199 s. 2024 Titled “ Conduct of Live-Out Division MEP Skills Exhibiton (MUSABAQA) 2024”   
Apr 8, 2024DM No. 216 s. 2024 2024 Division Festival of Talents
Apr 4, 2024DM No. 214 s. 2024 Basic Education Information System (BEIS) for School Year 2023-2024 Data Collection and Validation
Apr 4, 2024DM No. 215 s. 2024 Division Training of Trainers on the MATATAG Curriculum for Teachers and School Leaders
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 208 s. 2024 Administration of CRLA and RMA Post-Test for School Year 2023-2024
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 209 s. 2024 Designation of the Als Teachers as Distict Validators During the Conduct of the Presentation Porfolio Assessment Year 5
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 210 s. 2024 Convergence of Silvertek LMS Nexus Team in Preparation on the 3rd Quarter Achievement Test & 4th Quarter Diagnostic Test and test Item Bank and DLP Uploading
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 211 s. 2024 Participation to the National Training on the Conduct of the 2024 Southeast Asia – Primary Learning Metrics (SEA-PLM) Main Survey
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 212 s. 2024 SGOD Personnel New District Surrogate Assignment
Apr 3, 2024DM No. 213 s. 2024 Division Final Screening and Checking of Documents of the Qualified Athletes