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Graduation Message of SDS MA. LIZA R. TABILON

MA. LIZA R. TABILON - Schools Division Superintendent

Sulong Edukalidad: Championing the Nation’s Future

Congratulations completers and graduates of Zamboanga del Norte!

I take it as a great honor and pleasure to acknowledge and extend my gratefulness to all learning institutions in the public and private elementary and secondary schools of Zamboanga del Norte which have remained strong allies and partners of the DepEd Provincial Schools Division in the delivery of quality educational services and providing responsible individuals. It is particularly meaningful on my part to have this opportunity to become part in the memorable milestone in your lives as you obtain the distinguishing mark of educational success and triumph. This milestone, I am certain, becomes the source of happiness, pride and inspiration to the parents, learners and mentors as evidently there prevailed the interplay of collaboration for hitting the mark of success.

I am confident that having obtained your education from your various learning institutions provides you the edge in life’s marathon as I am aware of the system re-engineering pursued encapsulated in the unified action to advance quality education to keep you abreast with developments and ensure championing for the nation’s future.

The years you spent in school to learn and grow is perhaps the most rewarding of all. Needless to say, those were the times when you and the people who supported you have navigated every opportunity there were to transform and empower you as an individual. In so doing, it is guaranteed the provision of quality learning experiences that strengthen your potentials to be better prepared in becoming active and productive members of society. The foundations of your personality were laid with the nurturing hands of the people who believe that you can be the strong pillars of the Filipino nation and value-laden citizens of the world. The right attitude you invested for your studies is now recompensed with the certification of hurdling your level of education that will guarantee for you the entrance to a higher level of educational pursuit or other avenues of productive engagement.

We need you to realize that your feat for success does not end by your completion of your level of education and acquisition of your certificates of completion or diploma of graduation. A more challenging and demanding societal role awaits you. Onwards, you will be assuming roles as builders of the nation and perform on a new scale of collaborating and co-owning for a secured future that you want for yourselves and others. There will be need for you as Zamboanga del Norte-bred potential resources to advance pursuits as ambassadors for sustainable development. You will now begin to re-imagine your own framework and decision-making practices to succeed as we remain steadfast that your strength within have well been complemented by the educational experiences to sustain your zeal and confidence in making your dreams come true.

Now, we happily send you off to explore more about life. Keep with you the strong faith in God’s blessing and guidance and sustained courage and confidence for a guaranteed success in your every endeavor which consequently will benefit your immediate selves and your fellowmen.