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Date Released Title File
Apr 5, 2016DM No. 115 s. 2016 Three (3) Batches of the Division Mass Training on the K to 12 Curriculum for All Grade V Teachers
Apr 5, 2016DM No. 116 s. 2016 IPED Focus Discussion and Framework Formulation
Apr 5, 2016DM No. 117 s. 2016 Automatic Designation as Officer-In-Charge
Apr 5, 2016DM No. 118 s. 2016 Division One-Day Live-Out Semminar-Workshop on Using the Senior High School Electronic Class Program and Teacher Need Tool
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 103 s. 2016 Three-Day Live-In Capacity Training Skill Cum Workshop for District ALIVE Coordinators (DIACs) and ALIVE Teachers
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 105 s. 2016 Screening of NEAP Trainer-Facilitators for the Grade 11 Teacher Training
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 106 s. 2016 One-Day Consultative Conference on the Implementation of Child Protection Program among Selected Schools
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 107 s. 2016 5-hour Meeting and Assessment with Guidance Counselors/Coordinators and Trained Youth Advocates of Implementing Teen Centers
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 108 s. 2016 Stern Warning and Explanation in Writing for Illegal Collection
Apr 1, 2016DM No. 109 s. 2016 Komite sa Pansangay Na Workshop Sa Pagbuo Ng Big Book Para Sa Mga Guro Ng Baitang 1 at 2